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Sometimes I use acrylic and collage in combination, where the imagery tells the story, although not obvious to the viewer at the first glance.

I like the narrative and often am influenced by poetry or the lyrics and music.

I find that every medium is different and the artist should adapt to its quality accordingly.

My personality does not allow me to restrict myself to one medium, or I would be stagnant and not grow. Each medium has it's restrictions and what you can do within the limits dictates the use of it.

Acrylics allow me to use layers of imagery, covered and rebuilt. This creates a history of my thought process.

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Checkmate, acrylic  painting
Checkmate acrylic  painting icon Collingwood acrylic painting icon Experience acrylic painting icon Games People Play acrylic apinting icon
Old World acrylic apinting icon Paradise reclaimed acrylic painting icon Marching Band acrylic pinting icon Roadf to Nowhere acrylic painting icon
Second Thought, acrylic apinting icon The Path, acrylic painting icon Walk about town, acrylic painting icon Passion, acrylic painting icon "Fun and Play" "Rolling Stones"  
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