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I use collage in a painterly way. It excites me to be able to find just the right piece of magazine-ripped paper that is of the colour and value I am looking for. I compare it to working on a 1000-piece puzzle, sometimes you are lucky to find what you are looking for right away and sometimes you have to look for it a while longer. Often times I have to paint some of my own papers to get what I am looking for.

I also think of this process in terms of playing chess. Planning your next moves ahead is crucial to success.

But... the best part is that you cannot plan exactly, collage has a "life" of its own. These unexpected findings, or luck of them and replacement, present incredible challenge and discovery. Before you know, the artwork looks very different than planned at the beginning.

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Blue Vase, collage
Blue Vase collage icon Love You Babe, collage icon Love you Bebe 2 Blue Vase 2
What's Growing in Your Garden, collage icon Poppies For You, collage icon Travel Inside, collage icon Sprong Challenge, collage icon
Secrets of the Forest, collage icon Norhtern Beauty New Life in an Old Forest Spring Thaw

Reclaimed Beauty, collage Icon

Versace Island, collage icon  
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